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An idea is born

by Team Fireworks 2 200 views


My fave of the night. Absolutely the spirit of 48hours. I cannot wait to see this again. Such a shame for the disqualified. Can we all just have more cruising with our goats in cars?

Default Avatar MR MKB

Morgan Foster tells a kid the story about the day he was born, and Morgan's involvement in the events of that day. I felt terrible for this team after finding out they were disqualified, especially for such a small slip-up :( I really enjoyed this short by Team Fireworks 2, the montage of gags was particularly funny. The shot of the goat in the car was hilarious, I was almost crying! This film had a real sense that you all had a lot of fun working on it, which is really great to see. I agree with Dan Bain; this film is the spirit of 48 Hours, and I genuinely love seeing Team Fireworks name on the heats list every year!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

[DQ'd - copyright broken] Uncle Morgan recounts to his nephew the story of when he made a film. I enjoyed the voice-over, the funny performances and the random shit that went on. I wished it had, had a bit more audio design, as it was crying out for some music to fill all the dead patches. Audience loved it for the 48HRSness of it all. Well done, Team Fireworks!

I have absolutely fallen in love with this teams heart and dedication to the competition ever since their film "Untimely". Super crazy, random film that was definitely interesting to watch. I'm sure we will hear about it in the future too! I can't wait to see your film next year!

Default Avatar videoamp1969

This was the film that made me laugh the most in all the heats. Classic 48Hours comedy fest! It's everything 48Hours is all about, goats and all. Hey thanks for the ride it was a blast!

Ummmmm... What was going on in this one? I was confused from the get go. I feel this was a bit cheap and just didnt flow what so ever. Had a few funny moments where the audience laughed, not sure if that was actual funny, or laughing at the piece. What was up with the goat?

Some of what I enjoyed: The robber looked amazing with his orange hat, and his take-down was awesome. Great ideas and the goat was a show stealer. I wanted more goat. The audio level disparity was insanely ruthless, though. Painful on the ol' eardrums. It would behoove you to be a little more vigilant with levels next year, but please do come back next year and make the goat a bigger part of it. Please.

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