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The Shirt

by Everything Sticks 221 views


Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

Awesome film! my only criticism was that I felt like some of the drawings could have been cut out a little better - but I may have missed the stylistic direction. The voice acting was excellent and the audience was entertained and intrigued the entire time. Really nailed your genre in my opinion and you had a excellent ending - Sassy!

Default Avatar MR MKB

A man having an affair in a sleazy motel room tries to get home to his wife, before she suspects something. An animated entry from Everything Sticks this year illustrated in a simple but effective pencil drawing style. This internal-narrative film noir was enjoyable to watch, and it's noir-style structure and writing were very effective. The script was well-written, with repetition used to good comedic effect. The narration seemed to fit the character very well, and the whole short was enjoyable to watch as a whole. The twist was also unexpected, and the final monologue got a good laugh from the audience. I felt that the script may have been little too repetitive though for my taste, but this short film was definitely a crowd pleaser, and had the theatre laughing throughout.

Default Avatar neon neon

This was so different to everything else, being ambitious definitely paid off! Liked the overall tone and the dark humour.

While definitely a major step up from their film last year, this film didn't do it for me in terms of its story and execution. The story felt a little tired playing out on the typical films like Sin City, and the drawings felt a little rough and slapped together. There was really no animation to the illustrations and it looked like not much care went into it. I will say it nailed the surprise ending genre suite well though!

Default Avatar videoamp1969

I actually like the style of the drawings in this short and it was great to see something different in the festival. The story was strong and the comedy went down very well with the audience. It was a film that captured attention and was engaging. Great effort to be brave and try something out of the norm, it paid off. Could possibly be in the finals.

I really loved this one. Awesome concept and nice to see an animated one. I do feel that the shock ending wasnt a shock at all. Apart from that is was awesome and funny.

Some of what I enjoyed: Great work undertaking an animated film. Nice voice acting work. The lead dude was jacked as hell. Funny ending with the short not being that big of a deal after all.

A search for a shirt leads to a unforeseen end. This animated short was a stylistically well presented, using mostly black and white drawn cutouts that matched the noir themes perfectly. The plot was two parts tragedy, one part farce with some very well placed humour which punctuated the overall Nick-Cave-Ballard-Vibe well. The length was good too, a great story that didn't drag. If I were to level one criticism, the audio could have maybe done with a pop-filter or something? With so much quiet, moody narration it was a bit distracting to hear the main characters mouth opening to speak. Overall a great vision, well executed!

Default Avatar RiverFelix

I don't know, would it be too harsh to say it's basically an animatic? A sort of Noir film about a man in search of his shirt, not the strongest plot structure but it was an entertaining film.

Default Avatar Richard Martin

Loved this film in the heats! Definitely a fan favourite, everyone was cracking up, and provided everyone with a new favourite word. Mmmmm.. sass. Great script and great acting by the voiceover actor. Everything Sticks are one of those teams who I always share a heat with and always look forward to seeing what they produce. Can't wait for next year guys!

Default Avatar MightyMighty

I enjoyed watching this short! Nice storytelling with lots of surprises, which is key for the genre so kudos. I'm not sure if it was an influence but it reminded me a lot of Marv in Sin City? Anyway, well done!

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