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The Lovatory

by Dublin Street Studios 180 views


Default Avatar MR MKB

After a simple mistake, Morgan Foster is left cornered in a public lavatory cubicle, the toilet door being the only thing protecting his identity from people on the other side. I really enjoyed this short film by Dublin Street Studios. The acting was really good, in particular the male and female leads. The film had a really nice, light-hearted feel to it (as a rom-com more or less should!), and the concept really pulled you into the story. I did think the establishing shots dragged on a little bit too long, but overall it was a lovely, light-hearted short.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Morgan finds himself mistakenly in the Ladies' toilet and quickly at the mercy of a playful woman who knows he's there. Visually pretty nice, sounded good and it was well edited. The story was a sweet little slice-of-life, that was executed well by the two lead actors. The ECUs were good and the use of the ball was also well thought through. As with Mr MKB, I grew weary of the opening shots of toilets and sinks, so much so I thought the romance was going to be between them! A cute little story though that can't help but make you smile. Nice work!

Definitely a nice little film with really strong acting. I agree in that the beginning was quite drawn out and unnecessary. I thought it was going to be a love story about two toilet bowls! But all in all it was a cute wee film that was fun to watch.

Nice one this one. I felt the start drag out too long. I also didnt feel it was very rom-commy Overall was well put together

Some of what I enjoyed: Superb opening music. Very nice for setting the mood. Great revelatory moment upon noticing the "feminine product disposal unit". Suuuuper dubious that a lady would give her number to a dude she met in the bathroom...

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