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Bearly: A Revenge Movie

by Dragon V Mouse 371 views


Default Avatar MR MKB

Morgan Foster is happy spending a night in working on a puzzle with her teddybear, that is until one piece goes missing... I really enjoyed this one, I voted for it as one of my top 3 in Audience Choice. I really liked how this quirky little film was played out, and I felt the film escalated smoothly and naturally. The gradual meltdown between Morgan and her teddy was really enjoyable to watch, and the actress playing Morgan hit the performance spot on. The lighting shift mid film was really great, and the audio design in the final scenes made the whole situation bizarrely uncomfortable to watch. Dragon V Mouse really managed to create compassion for an inanimate object. Overall, this film was an original take on the Revenge genre, and it was a pleasure to watch.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Morgan makes excuses in order to avoid going out to a party. She'd rather stay home a do a puzzle with her teddy bear; Mr Bearly. Nicely filmed, good sound, good musical choices and clever use of ECUs. This short was also funny, well acted and engaging for the audience. They also managed to successfully achieve an uncomfortable tension towards the end, (which isn't always easy to do) and the lead helped with this by doing a great job at being bat-shit crazy! Dragon vs Mouse are another veteran team in this Heat. Great to see them back again with what just might be their best effort to date. Great job!

Awesome short film. Loved the story and different changes of lighting throughout. Original concept and well executed. My only gripe was with the audio. It didn't sound great and I feel it could have benefited from a bit of cleaner and crisper audio. But all in all I enjoyed it a lot. Great job!

I found this one a little strange. Main character was annoying and irritable which worked well with the story. The torture scene really made me cringe as it felt really real! Good work with that. Was well shot and put together. Nice job

Some of what I enjoyed: Lots of great camerawork/cinematography. Great sound effects when Mrs Bearly was getting disemboweled. Super creepy scene. Got a bit dark, but overall a great short. Nice final shot. Funny. Nice work.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Morgan Foster brushes off all her friends and sits down for a puzzle with Mr. Bearly a stuffed bear but all goes wrong when the last piece is missing and she suspects the bear. The sound mixing was a bit off but not so much that it distracted from the film and it had a reasonably good pace and ended reasonably strong.

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