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by Blacklight 135 views


A struggling writer searches for inspiration after having lost what made his previous work so great. So far we are seeing some nice interpretations of this genre and this was another solid example, being about a reunion of the self/mind. It was however better played than that simplistic description with several different mental angles, and an examination of the strain writer’s block causes on relationships. Excellent use of the line is noted in my book.

Default Avatar pippo

The child acting in this movie did a beautiful job, she is what got my attention more than anything else! Otherwise, I enjoyed it solid movie, well shot, and great story idea.

Default Avatar Otis

I have to be honest this is the team I was there to see so I am biased but I thought they had an interesting take on this new genre. A writer suffering from writers block is visited by the ghosts of his past work (thats what I assumed they were...I should ask them!) to try and reconnect with his own mind so he can complete his new book. Good performances and a like I said a cool take on the genre.

Default Avatar The FIZ

Nicely written, performed and captured. In short - I liked it!

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