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Full House

by NIMLIN 54 views


I appreciate unsettling your audience. For me, to have an effective film that has this with its ultimate goal, you want to start on a level and then build towards the payoff. What this film did; an unpleasant tale of domestics gone awry, was to start negatively and finish in an unpleasant manner. This meant that our lead actor's swearing outbursts and violence felt a bit jarring. There were moments which indicated a more peaceful domestic situation, and his obsession could have been what gave rise to the situation, but the fact that they were only glanced at meant the actions felt unjustified on the whole.

Default Avatar Pesticide

good idea, nice location. The dialogue needed enhancement

Default Avatar Esther

Good call using black and white. Very creepy.

I liked this film and felt the use of the black and white added plenty to the moodiness and creepy factor. Simple in its construction, I'd have liked a bit more their back-story suggested. The tension needed to rise, and with the nature of the narrative this was always going to be tough. Perhaps the use of more energetic editing in the later part of the film would have worked. The male protagonist had glimpses of Antoine Dixon about him.

I was prepared to dislike it more (sorry for the pre-judgement) but it wasn't as bad as some of the other reviews had lead me to believe. Geez, I can't believe I actually admitted that! The start had me watching intently ... then the dialogue started and it turned into four minutes of playing cards, with a very new-looking deck by the way (should have been a lot more dilapidated than it was). It would be easy to miss the absence of the 'V' from the mailbox at the end, it could have been a little more obvious to spot that it had been "rubbed out". It maintained a sad approach right throughout which left me a little sad as a result - I'm personally not comfortable with films that portray mis-treatment that does unfortunately occur in some people regular life, but that's just me.

Pretty cool concept. Good story about the person who couldn't win - nice way to include the back story in essentially what was one line of dialogue and a bunch of pictures. some very nice shots and the acting from the main character was very good. The acting from the dead girl was also very good (its hard to act dead :D ) Nice simple cinematography and basic editing which made this film very stark and powerful. It seemed to be dark for the sake of dark rather than having a message. Having said this, it was a very enjoyable short!

I started watching this in the screening room, but bailed out before half way. This felt pointlessly dark, vicious, vacuous and irredeemable. A film that deserves its own category...NSFHB (not suitable for human beings). References to Haneke in the attempted liner notes on the forum? Translates as naive identification with something overpowering in Haneke. Overwhemingly without hope. Surely this little contest is a chance to offer the world the opposite thing, hope. Human beings digest, metabolize what they see. They become a little bit like that. This film is another small contribution to the uglification of life. How anyone can say they "liked" or "enjoyed" this film, even your friends who want to support you, is a complete mystery to me. Are the words "like" or "enjoyed" meaningless? These two old grey beards should be useful leaders within this fringe of the film community, but here they are completely delusional and leading you up the garden path. Dark, vicious, vacuous and irredeemable. Gregg MacPherson

Default Avatar RiverFelix

The sound isn't as good as it could have been and a few shots could have been done better but the rest of the film is pretty solid I think, The man just wants to win at a game of cards for once the motivation is simple with a nicely twisted take on the obsessive relationship genre, kind of reminded me of that one mission in Red Dead Redemption where the old man gets you to pick flowers for his wife and when you come back you see that his wife is dead and he just keeps the corpse around and talks to it, shades of Psycho as well, perhaps you could have hidden her being dead until the very end of the short somehow but the film is still pretty good as it is.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

* Viewed in the Screening Room Despite the fact that the fate of the woman in the film was pretty clear, this short kept me engaged throughout, as I sought to understand the motivation of the lead. Certainly a grim little piece that was enhanced by its black and white shades. As mentioned above, perhaps some of the language bordered on a little over the top but it was certainly delivered with passion from Vic. Perhaps too, the camera lingered a bit too long in the wider shots and I think a bit more hand-held shooting may have been useful to add to the uneasiness. Nice job.

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