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Transomniac "The Movie"

by Show Ponies 102 views


Acting was this teams strong point no doubt about that! The story based around 'the reunion' showed just that, a reunion scene for insomniacs. Some good initial character initiations and again the acting was at that 'theatrical level' A humurous end. straight forward good editing, Would like to see some more cinematic use of camera (but I'm just a cinema nut)

Default Avatar Bella7

Hugely funny and entertaining

Default Avatar ShortFilmBuff

Interesting concept with some funny moments - story was a little shallow but all in all well done. As with most of the films I have seen so far - very little attention to visual flow, I have only seen a couple of shorts with obvious attention to colour grading and this wasn't one of them.

Default Avatar EEPEE

This one made me laugh. Great short and probably my favourite POV shot of the heat.

Default Avatar peatbog

Simple but effective storyline - always the best - left me smiling and wanting more.

Default Avatar eddielou

Warm, funny and entertaining. Perfect timing in the bathroom scenes.

Default Avatar Nakifilmbuff

Great Toilet scene. Great acting and funny.

Default Avatar spudling

My favorite - Loved the build up to the very funny ending - wanted to watch it again

Loved the film, toilet scene was my favourite part the actor with his facials were hard case. Enjoyed it and kept me entertained Well done

Default Avatar Kestar75

I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was second to none. Great storyline, definitely one of my favourites.

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