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by The Underdogs 129 views


Very good use of the line, especially with it on the paper, definitely got the audience on your side. Overall very funny and good sound for the narration. The lighting wasn't amazing, but also not dreadful. Not sure how well it fits the genre, but a very good film.

I think the director's intention was clear, and well communicated. Well done for absolutely persuading me that I was listening to a funny and emotive speech at a funeral. Production standards were high (although some of the dialogue could have been a little clearer), and most importantly - you entertained us. Perhaps the premise for the film didn't give a whole lot of scope for development, and possibly as a short film it came across as maybe a little underdeveloped? There was no real tension built in the short, and it lacked a bit of structure. However - you did produce a really good short, and there were some brilliant gags. It also had some really solid characters which the audience was able to engage with.

Default Avatar ProblemSir

Before I start, can I ask: was this a two person team? Because if this is the case - that is an amazing feat to make such a good film. You did a really good job with acting and character right from the start. I immediately identified with your main character and got a good idea for the feeling of the film, setting etc. You're production standards were also pretty high. Good sound. Good camera (more dynamic might have been nice). Reasonable lighting. The plot of your film was also interesting. I feel it was border line compelling. It had parts in there that I felt were really strong, but overall I feel it lacked a bit of... substance. An obituary can only be so deep and interesting though, and I understand that. The main thing I would have to mark you down on would be adherence to genre. Sure I can see the "adventure" of someone's life... but adventure wasn't the first thing to spring to mind when the film went through and funeral speech and flashbacks. Maybe something to consider next year? Nailing the genre is hard, but very important. Great film though!

Really enjoyed your intro and also the way the line of dialog was used in this film. Quite a fun short film to watch and the older leading man was great to watch.

Best use of the line, hands down. Beautifully shot, especially the church scenes, with the most adorable old duffer you could possibly imagine providing a eulogy about his departed buddy Vic. Sound, for the most part, was crisp and clean, but a few of the jokes (like the 'half of everything' scene) fell a little flat and there was no real narrative tying the vignettes together. Still, good good visuals, (mostly) good jokes and a standout performance from the eulogist made this film one of the best of the night.

Default Avatar arobins3

The movie needed more of a plot? But wow - your older actor at the funeral - fantastic! Love him!

Default Avatar Bone in my beard

Most Likeable Actor indeed, to the mature fellow reading the Eulogy. (Another Bremner perhaps?) The audience got all the gags, (lovely touch with the obvious script too) and the best men, (what a delightful pair, the boxing bag scene my personal favourite!) were a treat. Not all of this film worked though, (bedroom scene was not blocked out well (I suspect a different camera op) and it lacked definition. The examination of Snoz's life was a little brief (four scenes, I think) and with that I didn't really connect with him, and just how did he die? I suspect heart disease, but hey! Its a great little 'adventure film'? Well, I suppose the adventure of a life is an adventure, so...RIP Snoz, it was nice to almost know you.

Default Avatar Lia Shelford

i liked this movie apart from the bedroom scene that actually came across as "stage acting" was to obvious i reckon but the other seasons were crack up old man was good and could imagine what he was reading, but the person playing (vic meyer) appeared as alot of times that he was trying to think of his lines and then he would say them as if he was reading from a cue card, but loved the characters awesome like like!!!!

Fantastic Film! Best short of the night... Definitely deserved to get the regionals! Snoz (aka Vic) was fantastic, very believable... And the old guy was very convincing... Two people made this film, now that is incredible! Great work!

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