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by Egg House 747 views


Excellent film, loved the ending. Funny, a LITTLE bit cute, a lot whacky (in the best way). Good stuff.

Default Avatar me myself and i

This was funny and twisted. Good effort made. The campy acting suited this one fine.

Default Avatar filmchick1987

Wonderfully timed humour - especially loved the random Chewbacca scene! The campy acting suited the tone of the film, even though the expositional dialogue was a bit much at times. A great effort and incorporated elements well!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This team delivered another laugh riot. I have been a big fan of theirs since the samurai film (that was DQ'd a couple of years back) and they delivered again this year. Loved Vic and the Kiwi was hilarious. Props to Jamaine (sorry if I spelt your name wrong) for cutting his beard in the name of showing time in the bush. Great ending and deserving of the audience favourite that it won. Damn you guys are funny!

Default Avatar SBene

Quirky and clever, my kind of film! It was original and funny, loved it.

Default Avatar annemarie

Quirky, cute movie that was well shot and original! It was the one of the only films in the heat that managed to keep my attention.

Default Avatar mitm

Fantastic film. I think it was definitely original to use that insomniac idea with a hibernating bear, and that the obsessive relationship could be used differently than the cliched "romance obsessive" nature. Loved it for its humour and for a split second I did think they were gonna go down that bizarre beastiality route! Great plot, clean camera technique and great acting. Cutting your beard was definitely worth it.

Default Avatar auckfilmbuff

It is hard to fault this film. The story was clever, the costumes were hilarious and the editing was spot on. It also occurred to me later that the insomniac element worked into the plot very well. The whole audience loved the ending. The team intro grabbed everyone's attention too. You guys must be very proud!

Default Avatar Puppy Love

nice. good commitment on the beard.

Default Avatar pezmico

Incredibly fun and wacky! I loved the insomniac bear and the obsessive hunter. Really original and memorable all the way through. Good work guys!

Default Avatar Qixote

Very amusing

Default Avatar Crawford Hannah

Loved it. Best of the heat (and I had a film in this heat). Funny, great performance from both leads and awesome twist ending. The camera work was really well done. I can see this film going far. Definitely worth the trimming of the beard :)

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