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The sky is falling

by Life of Nigel 1,084 views


I know you were disqualified for some other reason, but do you reallly think having Bangarang by Skrillex play would have meant you would be able to keep going in the competition? Hard to say when a team made it to the grand final and got away with Billie Jean last year, but yeah... Its actually a shame that you were DQ because the editing on this was cut tight as heck. It might have seemed like a random set of collages/happenings in the city initially but everything came together and formed a real bond for the three focused on actors by the end of the film. Also gave introspective into city life; seemed like the team had some pretty badass lenses for whatever camera they had. As breaking news of the world ending comes in, people gather together their family, friends or loved ones and try to get away. Some look to enjoy what they love one last time, others prepare signs such as 'Aliens go away'. Like I said earlier it is a real collection of images but three friends look to make the most of Wellington one final time before the end. Tugged at the emotion strings a little.

Default Avatar Verdi

Really pretty and evocative movie, lovely performances throughout, as thre friends share their last day leading up to the end of the world.Really strong on little details like the tinfoil hat and the child's sign, but the backstory could have been more substantial to completely pull it together. Beautiful-looking film, though.

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