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Illusion of Refuge

by Unstable Minds Productions 270 views


A woman and her brother hope to seek refuge at a shelter, but they are told they will only be able to stay if they can find what the military camp attendant is looking for. On their quest for this they encounter several characters who sing songs about their own situation. A monkey with a guitar, a dirty long haired man and a labourer who is out of work lament their woes which have resulted in them seeking out the shelter. Songs were painful and only the military officer held the film together with any sort of acting skill; I would have suggested having a few more goes at nailing your one shot and probably doing the music off-camera. A real struggle because of the lack of polish.

This team were creative with their characters and there was a positively loony tone to some of the conversations. I really think One shot is overrated as a "fantastic" genre for story due to a misconception that edit cuts are 'supposed' constraints so well done to this team. A story involving a deaf mute turning up at a shelter and being tasked with finding something someone had lost.. Proceed through the shelter and all sorts of zany characters with insipid monologues and sheltered song. I think this one just missed one more little shift which would have propelled the plot more. Apart from that the set was rad and the characters were comfortably distinct from the actors playing them which helped you focus on the narrative from point one. Cool

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