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Have You Met My Sister

by Cinema In Decline 1,178 views


Nicky Brick attends a party that it appears he does not know too many of the people there. We follow his initial scouring of the activity as he is introduced to a dangerously close brother and sister, tourists who in his opinion need to be corrected and some strangers near the bathroom who take a particular interest in how much everyone has drunk. Why? It becomes clear later. Now as to my thoughts on the film I think it is technically a solid film with whoever played Nicky doing a really solid job, and the brother/sister had just the right level of creepiness for what was actually happening in the film. It does seem in my opinion to be quite heavily indebted to Melancholia not that that's necessarily a bad thing, and the daytime party for an End of the World theme just didn't sit quite right with me, especially based on the end result of the film.

Default Avatar squareeyes

The story of an injured runner who is invited into a house full of a cult of worshippers who commit mass suicide. This film effortlessly blended both the one shot genre and the end of the world genre. The one shot genre perhaps being one of the most challenging. I was impressed with the actress who played the leader of the cult as she utilized facial expressions and comedic timing well. The audience was in fits of hysterics. I also thought she did well when she stood up by the window and started talking like a mad woman. The main male character was believable as an "every man" someone put into an unusual situation and not being sure what to make of it. The storyline was compelling and was in no way predictable. At first many wondered if the cult just had special plans for the runner. Technically this film was very well put together. In paticular I felt that the eerie music perfectly complimented the action on screen. Paticularly when the cult leader was speaking the runner. This was an impressive and thoroughly entertaining film.

Default Avatar Dramallama

This film was a well rehearsed example of the new genre's rise into power this year. I can see that the coordination was well executed, with some highly talented cast involved, called on to improvise when necessary. I am hoping to see more of the same in the following years for the same type of creative innovation in writing for an almost genre-less film. Kudos to the think tank involved in this.

Default Avatar UnderHatter

An excellent response to another of Ant's device-rather-than-genre challenges. The obvious advantage here is that minimal time needs spending in editing (just add titles, credits and slow-mo), but requires serious rehearsal and commitment. Kudos for using a large cast and busy script, how many takes I wonder?

awkward party goer crashes a cult suicide party .. Well executed & timed one shot that wasn't let down technically either.. Some cheeky fun moments in there that generated nice laughter around.. at times it was a bit blocky action after the two cultists started to make out but nothing too major.. the leaf also added nice taste to the bool of death.. didn't really look like the world ending if this was supposed to be one

Default Avatar benny

Great Film- well shot and acted.

I just saw this at the City Finals and I gotta say I really enjoyed it! Everyone involved did a great job especially impressed with the cast, camera work, sound, story and the use of the prop was fantastic! Looking forward to watching it again online. Adam - Colonial Tech

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