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by Midnight Oil 100 views


Knowing what you were trying to go for I can see some things that needed improving. All of the lines needed re-recording back in studio to allow you to play with levels as missed the whole character development of Nicky and her being unlucky. Also needed to play around with the footage a little to help clean up the picture. The pacing and feel of the film was great and the choice of music suited really well.Also the camera work for a one-shot film went really well, especially with no steady cam.

Some good camera skills shown in coping with the one-shot deal. Tricky shooting at night with any camera, but at times the image suffers. This was particularly evident with the slow-mo scene, (unless I missed it elsewhere? - if so, apologies!) which was quite dark so hard to make it out. The audio made it difficult to follow in places.

Default Avatar Pumpkin Fairy

Challenging genre. Classic story line concept but I kept waiting for the tension.

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