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The Catch Up

by Burn The Dog 245 views


This was a great film. Nice use of the genre. Well acted. Loved the deadpan comedy. Loved the awkward silences. Great comic timing. A nicely constructed piece.

Default Avatar Tangerine_Tangerine_Tangerine

Loved this short. Great dead pan. Awesome location. It did slow down in places but the shooting, editing and acting were top notch. A brilliantly funny 'slice of crime' story.

A solid film albeit a bit slow and predictable.

Default Avatar Big Kahuna

[Watched in the Screening Room] A good crime comedy about two men who meet at the waterfront after not seeing each other for a while, only for one of them to reveal he is in a new line of work and that there is a man tied up in the boot. The script for this was pretty good, with some hysterical and well delivered deadpan humor which kept me laughing throughout the short. I really liked the way you structured the reveal of the man in the trunk, while this kind of reveal is a trope of crime comedy I felt you used it very effectively and it played very well to me. The technical elements were generally good, with the night time cinematography in particular really standing out. You also chose a really good location and the combination of the cinematography and your location really added a lot to the short. I had a few quibbles with the sound on some of the dialogue not being at a consistent level for both actors, but that was a very minor thing which was only present in a couple of shots. My biggest technical problem was with the editing as the short felt a little static and this meant it dragged a touch in the middle. Maybe you could have had a few more setups to cut to in order to give more visual variety to the audience. The elements were generally well integrated, particularly your use of Nicky Brick and the way you made him unlucky at the end of the short was very funny. Overall a good and very funny short which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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