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The Brick

by Two Big Tools 771 views


Default Avatar Brent Loy

Nice to see some character development. Good flow. Great gore.

Enjoyed the story and the shots in this film. Appreciated the good use of sound fx. Props to the actors also, good work.

Probably my fave of the night. The homeless guy was superb. Great character development. Could have done with a warning concerning ripped jeans and potential ballsack shot. lol.

Well constructed story, simple but effective. With all the superhero action movies around at the moment, it was a nice point of difference having a homeless guy turn in to something so funny. The fight scene had me laughing hard. Nicely shot and well performed, a great little short in this strong heat.

Default Avatar AbhiKala

Awesome short, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Default Avatar Lagerwolf

Great acting, loved the lead guy. A pleasure to watch.

Default Avatar Imogen Crispe

This was a crazy but funny film! I loved the homeless guy, he made the film. He was an awesome actor and hilarious. I kept cracking up at his funny walking. I did not quite understand the story, but I liked the idea of a superhero's powers travelling through time. Also nicely shot in a pretty setting.

I wasn't too fussed on the bookends of the short. The cheeseyness clashed with the middle part which I thought was superb. The homeless guy was wonderfuly acted - child like, beautiful, and the tension of not knowing if the ring would ever work was great. Loved the middle part. I'd watch a feature of that.

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