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Somebody Someone S. F. T.

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Cinematography, audio, were on point. Like Brent mentioned I appreciated the comical side of it but the ending felt a bit abrupt and could have finished better. Good stuff guys.

The L Word

Really enjoyed this film. Actors were great, funny story, good dialogue. Well done.

A Grave Mistake

Amazing animation work. The story kind of let you down but the audio even more so. Was cringing at the random music coming in and out.

Feilaulau (Sacrifice)

Could've done better with the audio but otherwise good film. Shot bro.

The Brick

Enjoyed the story and the shots in this film. Appreciated the good use of sound fx. Props to the actors also, good work.

Nickys List

Awesome film. One of the top intro's I've seen. Good stuff!


The intro was crack up and was hoping for maybe a similar kind of humour in the movie. Unfortunately it felt a bit dry. When the music came in it added to the suspense and 'crime' feel of the film but otherwise it kind of dragged just sitting in one location. Props to the actors for memorizing the entire script and running with it for the entire film though. Unfortunately the dialogue wasnt able to hold my attention the entire time. Not gonna lie though, almost kept watching Jazmyne the entire film.