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A Grave Mistake

by Toowit Toowoo 771 views


Default Avatar Brent Loy

Puppets! YESS!! Love it when a team puts in the extra effort! Very fancy intro too! Hmm...I think I might be biased towards this one because it used puppets! Puppets!

Amazing visuals but no actual story beyond "sex in a grave yard leads to death". If the story could live up to the visuals it would have been amazing!

Amazing animation work. The story kind of let you down but the audio even more so. Was cringing at the random music coming in and out.

Visually amazing! Appreciate the effort and time it would have taken to produce this film. Story was the weakness to the film. Lack of development. Otherwise, fantastic effort! Well done!

Visually excellent and I thought a great effort. I think the strength of the heat will play against it in terms of audience favourites, but nonethless, one of the best animations I have seen this year. Well done guys and looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Default Avatar DuncanPacey

I'm afraid without a good story, to me, a film is pointless. Despite my love of the style (PUPPETS! Loved it!), the film seemed poorly written, hastily cut together and had some major audio issues. A little extra time in the writing process and editing process and this could have been so much better!

Default Avatar MattC

Fantastic team intro and gorgeous visual stylings, I enjoyed the inappropriate graveyard setup and the puppet violence. Would love to see more Puppixelmation films!

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