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Council Maintenance

by Laughing Jamaicans


Good effort for a school team, especially liked the cinematography used in the opening parts of the film. However unfortunately, besides that everything else needs much work. Sound is a problem for most teams in this festival so it goes without saying it could have been better but most of the storytelling could have been much more fluent and smooth if there were different shots added in and took out unnecessary captions. The tension building was going well until everything sort of collapsed into a really bad comedy right at the end. Sometimes what you do not show tells the viewer than what you show.

Default Avatar goodone

I loved the bad comedy ending! Shot guys :)

Default Avatar FlameThrower

I liked the vignette and grainy texture of the film at the start, very cool. It was hard to hear at points so I didn't capture all the details, but I still found it enjoyable. One of the best one liners too:)

Hello guys i actually worked on this film and its great to get feedback from everyone. This was our first time doing anything like this and we had great fun doing it but like you said we had a few problems. Audio been the first. Second our actors began to lose motivation a bit during some of the scenes as most of this was filmed late on the Saturday night which may of gave the illusion of a failed comedy. And lastly yes the grainy look did look cool at the start but that was due to the cameras we had to use, as coming from a small town our school just has a couple of cheap video cameras, but all in all im proud of our team and again the feedback is great guys. Thanks

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