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by DGFN 427 views


Was kind of a little meh about started out with an interesting premise, and the two leads were trying really hard (And succeeding for the most part) but it didn't really go anywhere. I don't know, maybe it needed more of a theme? A message? Something to say about life and death? Some of the dialogue was clever, but fairly generic. I wanted to like it more than I did, mostly because of the actors. And it really wasn't a horror.

Default Avatar Wilmsey

Hey nice visually interesting film. Thought Death could be a little older, he seemed a little wet behind the ears to me :) Another film where story is not clear or story beats not hitting the mark. Truly nice camerawork at the beginning and liked the blue hue.

This is a film that shows the beginnings of some real talent with the people behind the camera. There were some nice visuals and some interesting story telling going on, but they didn't have the experience or skills to bring it all together in a cohesive film. But, there were some nice moments and makes it worth checking out for sure.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

I like it when people try to push their genre or do something a bit different with it, so not having buckets of blood or scary reveals is good but I just didn't get the horror side, apart from the main character being dead. A guy is watching his own funeral with death beside him then go on their journey to? Some nice dialogue in this but I felt it didn't' really go anywhere. Some nice shots as well. Keen to see what they come back with next year.

Default Avatar moppet

Sorry I had no idea what death and the dead guy were going to do. Waiting for a bus and asking the dead guy for fare? Some nice camera movements at the beginning and the use of blue colouring was good but story lacking and not complete. Nice doing something different in the horror genre rather than just blood and zombies. Actors were good as well.

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