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Default Avatar huckleberry

Awesome intro by the way :) Good attempt at a genre driven movie. You used conventions well in terms of story. Execution will develop over time if you keep at it. I question the blurriness/ focus thing you've got going on though. It was a bit too much for the entire film, and in terms of getting into a characters head space the novelty wears off quite quickly.

Default Avatar Not a TV Star

Not bad, you obviously had fun making this film. The blurriness was overdone to the extreme and some of the dialogue was clunky and unnecessary but it was a good effort and fun to watch. And the monster was pretty creepy, well done!

Default Avatar Amysanwaaa

Horror is a really hard genre, and you guys did a really good attempt at scaring the audience, especially being school kids. I liked that you played with the focus to add to the actors eyes hurting, but just a tip, too much "out of focus" for too long in a film, can put an audience off. My eyes were hurting from trying to watch it too much, which may have been what you were wanting to achieve, but it made me not want to watch the screen. It was a good idea but it would have been more effective to not be so out of focus for so long, instead making it more effective by using it when its adding to the story. But overall you guys were super cute and i hope you stick with it and enter again next year!

Default Avatar MosesSchlong

I wish you'd made your film something like your intro... cause that was awesome!

Default Avatar Kaiporohu

The boys developed a great storyline that kept the audience engaged. Really enjoyable movie with an interesting twist on the standard horror theme. Good use of an array of challenging filming techniques. Well worth a watch. Great fun.

Default Avatar meowpandacat

I found this film really weird, but I think it was decent for people at that age who had little experience in film making. I liked the intro more than the actual film, I thought it was hilarious. But the film itself made me laugh too, and it wasn't supposed to be funny and that's what lets it down for me. I think the focus of the camera and the lighting was really off. Effects were over used. I just know that one day, the team will be all grown up and look at this and think "Wow, we sucked."

This was probably one of my favourites of the night. You guys really tried to do something interesting with your given genre. Playing with the form here was seriously great. A very adaptable team, making the best use of the few resources you had. Some of the other teams should have taken notes from what you guys achieved with your budget and level of experience. Your issues here were nothing that any team starting out film making would experience. But even then, you tried a lot of great things, as unsuccessful as some of those things might have been. However, you seem to have a will to keep getting better. It's great to see such a young team do such interesting things. Please continue film making.

Default Avatar stevestevenson

Nice work guys. I like the story you came up with and the Bluriness/focus technique was a interesting idea that could have been effective but was used way too much and became a little annoying in the end. But hey solid job anyway

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