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Power Play

by The White Coat Ensemble 169 views


Default Avatar madman

Hilarious. When the guy had a flashback to the bully saying something like: 'I spun you round and round like a top and choked you and I laughed and laughed and you cried and I laughed till I couldn't breathe!' I almost pissed my pants.

Default Avatar lunajune

Didn't feel long enough to earn the black box on the voting form. Story a little jumpy but otherwise fine.

Probably the best looking 'shot the screen' film I've ever seen, it also had fantastic music (original?) so a shame it was DQ'd and we didn't get the real final product. Our lead keeps receiving tapes/messages and being told to listen to them, which creates a wave of memories to come flooding back to them about something that happened a long time ago. The ending was a bit abrupt, but the down the rabbit hole vibe - it contained several references to Alice in Wonderland - was intriguing. Seriously done and well acted, I enjoyed it.

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