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Bobby Alone

by The Fourth Reel 112 views


Voiceover throughout was a ballsy decision, and whilst a couple of lines of narration fell flat, it mostly worked. With Bobby Young dying, he sets off on a rumour that there is a flower found only in a very remote area which could save him. None of his friends will help so it is up to him to try and find this rarity to heal himself. However the journey gets harder as he goes along, resulting in a Fight Club-like flashback that lists his material possessions and activities important to him. He is not one to give up though. I for the most part really liked this one, it threw a bunch of ideas at the screen and held the audience's attention throughout.

Default Avatar Patricia Hetherington

I loved the flashbacks when Bobby remembered. ('his cat', 'the water turning from cold to hot', etc). I also loved his past acts as a bully (a wonderful way of telling his mother to mind her own business). I loved when he tripped over a wire, which meant man had been here before him, which then cut to a shot of him walking along a man-made path (unintentional humour). The sound peaked a bit too much, but otherwise a brilliant film. Well done.

Default Avatar shiny

The voiceover was pretty heavy-handed. the desaturation was a good choice My favourite moment was the collapse (from badly acted exhaustion?) which the voice over fixed by saying he tripped on a wire. nice.

I loved this film. The narration was great. It was unfortunate that the music sometimes overwhelmed it - but I suspect this was due to the technical difficulties of the night rather than the film. Dragged a bit in the middle and probably could have had a few less "Bobby was a bully" reminiscing to move more quickly to the denoument. From when Bobby arrives at the beach, the film picks up again for a poignant ending.

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