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The Frog King

by Bored Narcissist Studios 262 views


A cleverly written poem, if a little long. Film used drawings and voiceover - very nice artwork. Better sound would have improved it vastly - great storytelling skills. Well done!

Great script and great animation. Only flaw was difficulty to understand the narration.

Default Avatar b0wlb0y

Rhythm of the prose was so formulaic and uniform it put to sleep like a lullaby could we have got some variety in delivery and tempo. Hard to get the freeze frame impact when so much was static anyway. Still a very cute and nice story.

Default Avatar Hard

great idea! pictures looked awesome! sound could of been a bit better. and a few jumps and black shots in the edit. But over all great idea!

Default Avatar Munchausen by proxy syndrome

This was actually ok....story was good although the sound sucked....I like the clever freeze frame as I was thinking it was going to be quite difficult with a sort of stop animation but they pulled it off.

Default Avatar Maverick

great art, great poem with witty rhymes and clever pieces...poor sound spoiled the finished product though

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A cute animated story about a king who switches into the body of a frog in order to see his subjects in a different light and then needs help to switch back. A lot of colourful cute drawings make up the animation in this film as a voice over takes us through the story. It's really well written, although the audio comes at us rather loud at times. I started to drift at one point, so the story was probably a little long and should have been wrapped up a lot earlier. Great to see some animation (albeit still drawings) back in CHCH after a couple of lean years.

This one was actually quite charming, and the narration was almost hypnotic, albeit a little incomprehensible at times. A quirky little tail.

An cute wee low-fi animated fairytale film, all told in impressive rhyming dialogue. King Bobby Young is no longer interested in reigning, so he gets an idea from a storybook to talk to a wizard, and asks to be changed into a lion, which he thinks would be pretty great, but the wizard manages to turn him into a frog (which Bobby had asked him specifically NOT to. Jeez, wizard!). As a frog, Bobby is somewhat mocked by his less than adoring subjects. Peeved, Bobby has the wizard return him to human form, then confiscates the wizard's wand and enfroggens the entire village in revenge. But in an epiphany, he realises he's just a mean Nigel No-Mates, so he turns himself back into a frog and he and all the villagers live happily ever after as amphibians. A charming little film with some great drawings, and the moments of low-fi animation suited things perfectly. The English major in me was very impressed with the all-rhyming narration, although at times the sound balance was out of whack, meaning we lost some of that clever work. Would agree with MistaTeas that the film meandered in the middle a little bit, but a strong finish with the happy frogs.

Default Avatar vault502

[Watched this in the screening room] I didn't like this film. It was ok I guess, an ok idea and ok production values. The drawings are ok. I think two things made this torture for me, firstly the repetitive nature of the music/"singing" , second was I didn't like the drawings. I would much have preffered some drawings with origionality, instead of being what you imagin being in every kids book. The story was huge, they really thought it out. The whole thing was too long though, and just.. meh. I want to watch films to be inspired, shoked, to feel emotions, learn new things, this had noen of those qualities. Some good skill and talent here in this team, put it to creative use and i'll be keen to see your future films!

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