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Somebody Someone Marcini

12 Reviews


The Frog King

This one was actually quite charming, and the narration was almost hypnotic, albeit a little incomprehensible at times. A quirky little tail.

Wire We Here?

moping out of the theater was a bad move


I liked this film alot. I think due to the passage of time it was able to create, along with a really nice take on FAD. Postit notes are also a great way to advance a narrative. Good job and sorry this one was dq'd


This one established quite well actually. It had some nice moments visually, and kept me interested. The actors repeated one-liners were a little unimaginative in terms of the use of the compulsory dialogue, but the lead was very enigmatic & solid in his role. I was disappointed when they pulled the cliche ending, probably will harm this films chances. Or maybe not. Nice originality for the most part.