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by Upshot 325 views


This was a surprisingly touching tale of a romance between a man with anger issues and his girlfriend/partner. They communicated via sticky notes – he used yellow and she used pink – mostly stuck on the fridge door. This was a really effective device. The pair broke up and reconciled before a successful marriage proposal. Nice work but unfortunately disqualified.

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

Really good. Found the film emotionally engaging.

Default Avatar Bytes Loaded

Excellent take on the fad genre using postit notes. An emotionally mature film

I liked this film alot. I think due to the passage of time it was able to create, along with a really nice take on FAD. Postit notes are also a great way to advance a narrative. Good job and sorry this one was dq'd

Default Avatar MistaTeas

The fad of sticky notes is introduced through the radio - nice! A rather lonely man writes a lot of post-it notes to remind him of stuff -birthdays etc. After a nice montage of his boring life he starts a relationhip with a woman and we are taken, via the post-its and voiceovers though the ups and downs of their relationship. This is actually a very sweet and imaginative story even if I found it a little hard to believe that post-its were the only way people communicated - a comment being made about society though? Technically very good with a nice soundtrack being used. Very good performances by the two leads and post-its covering breasts is always going to go down rather well. Shame about the DQ -you may have been finals bound.

These guys have been at it for a few years now, and making some fairly entertaining little films, but this piece represents a huge step up in quality and sophistication for Upshot. A really inventive take on the Fad genre requirement, our main character and later his ladyfriend use post-it notes as their primary form of communication. Which on (sticky) paper may sound like a bit of a gag, but in this film it turned out to be an amazingly effective device for propelling the narrative along, and giving the film a terrific focus. Just one idea done well. And the scope of the story is actually pretty big, tracking a relationship through all the classic romance stages with great efficiency. This was easily my favourite film of the heat, and I look forward to next year's offering from this team.

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