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Truth Unseen

by Team Meat Pie 364 views


Default Avatar RiverFelix

Whilst working on his farm a man notices a strangely dressed man come up to him he announces himself as a knight on a quest to save his daughter. Convinced this man is a lunatic he calls his wife to get the police before following him off on his mission in an attempt to bring him back to the house before hurting himself, or something. Funny film with a great concept if not a little bit too abrupt in advancing it's story, wasn't big on the ending could have been done better but considering what it would need to do what I have in mind it's pulled it off well. Another DQ, Unfortunate.

My favourite from the heat, this film was technically impressive and displayed, possibly, the strongest story of the heat. I was disappointed that they were disqualified. My only issue was perhaps with the witch, who I felt was predictable and could have been handled differently. This certainly didn't take away from the entertainment, however, great film! ..I also liked the team intro :)

Default Avatar Odd Bob

I really enjoyed this movie and thought the look and acting were pretty good. I liked the characters they created but thought the ending was a bit weak. Definitely one of my favourite films from the heat and it was a shame they were disqualified!

Default Avatar Wendy Wisbey

What a shame this was disqualified, I thought it had a good concept and was well shot, it looked to me as if the ending was rushed which did not give the witch and the daughter a chance to bring out their characters. I liked the witch being dressed ordinarily but none the less showing evil intent in her face. I am sure it would have ranked highly had it been allowed.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This was a great film with some above average acting and a great story/premise. A farmer is working by one of his sheds when a guy runs up with a bucket on his head, a toetoe for a spear and a towel for a cape. This guy says he is here to serve his king and rescue the kings daughter from the evil witch. The farmer knows nothing about it as he doesn't even have a daughter. A really good script that felt very natural for the actors and well played. The cinematography was really nice in this film and I really feel for this team being DQ'd, along with a number of excellent films this year. To me, this film could easily exist as an entertaining short outside of the comp which is not an easy thing to do. Awesome effort and I look forward to watching it again in the screening room.

Default Avatar vault502

Oh my fucking God. I LOVED this film. The “knights” expression when he looks up after being told “I don't know who you are” is honestly the best acting I have ever seen. I think you guys should have won best costume too! Really really good use of the wire, fitted perfectly. A thought, I reakon it would have been really cool if when he gradded the wire it not only got transformed into a sword, but everything turned medievil (e.g. costumes etc). Basically everything about this film was great, al the technical aspects were spot on, and I felt that what stood out the most was the origionality (e.g. the whole idea of the thing) and the acting, both the male leads were REALLY good, you should audition for shorty! Well done, looking forward to your next year entry!

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