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by Touche Maiballs 1,552 views


Sheer Brilliance! I loved everything about this story. The Fad was introduced through the eyes of someone clearly out of touch with the fad. Bobby Young was unfolded as a character. We weren't told he was an ex-bully just shown through the story. This is a short worth seeing.

Default Avatar RNZP

Funny, well told, interesting camerawork. Characters well portrayed. Storyline cleverly told in today's popular style of Rhys Darby. Great subject choice for FAD: planking. Hot hot hot tamale. LMAO. Not sure we needed the extra repetition of intro at outro. Would have been just as effective finishing on the freeze frame in the kitchen. Guy Ritchie would agree with me on that. ; ) Well done!

Default Avatar TheUnit

Very funny and clever writing.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

So far the best use of the Bobby Young character because you see the progression without their really being a mention of 'You're a bully/ex bully'. A guy, who likes his house, has a leak in his kitchen and calls his plumber, Rodney, to fix it. There were some guffaw out loud planking moments in this when the owner would turn to talk to Rodney and he was planked on one surface or another. I won't give away any more of the story because you need to see it for yourself. Some great writing and acting in this film and it has some lovely cinematography that never intrudes on the film, it just helps tell the tale. I'm sure this would be a strong finals contender. Awesome effort.

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