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Somebody Someone TheOtherGuys

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Sheer Brilliance! I loved everything about this story. The Fad was introduced through the eyes of someone clearly out of touch with the fad. Bobby Young was unfolded as a character. We weren't told he was an ex-bully just shown through the story. This is a short worth seeing.

Keeping Station

Wow! Challenging stuff. I can't even comprehend how to make a movie with cut-out paper puppets. What i'm looking for is a story and with your puppetixation? I wasn't sure I got that. The effects were brilliant especially when there seemed a loss of gravity. Particularly the shot of the cup. I lost my notes when I left the theatre. I thought the talking paper puppets were brilliant. I can't be specific but think the story is an area that could be improved. However, very creative and talented stuff.

Standing in your shoes

Wow!, great effects, great filming, great detail. The sets, rooms and characters were brilliantly done. I struggled a bit to figure out the story and lost track a little. The hypnotist was very well done as were many of the shots. I can't say why the story didn't click for me. I was a little lost in the horror aspect. This movie had a lot going for it. Great job.


I was left confused by the storyline in this movie. I just couldn't follow the character and events. They had no major technical problems with sound and video being okay. I wonder if more time can be taken to give the audience a chance to connect and follow.

Wire Rose

Best Team Intro! Inspiring stuff and the benchmark for our team intro next year. Brilliant.

Wire Rose

Created with sheer ingenuity and genius. I could have never imagined the combination of wire and superhero. This story was well told. Enough surprises and twist to keep you entertained.

An Eye for an Eye

The Musical. Well set up. The over dubbing of sound worked a treat. The story started well and had a lot going for it and seemed to lose momentum toward the later part. The message at the end was a nice touch. Overall a pretty good short.