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An Eye for an Eye

by The Insomniacs 140 views


The Musical. Well set up. The over dubbing of sound worked a treat. The story started well and had a lot going for it and seemed to lose momentum toward the later part. The message at the end was a nice touch. Overall a pretty good short.

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There are a lot of ways you can go with musical and each has there advantages and disadvantages. I thought this team gave a solid effort. Some times the melody didn't seem to fit the music and occasionally the lyrics felt a bit rushed to fit them in. However I loved their use of the line and I thought the keyhole/peephole shot was very nicely done.

The message in this musical was actually quite refreshing. There have been a lot of films which have brought revenge down on Bobby Young, our ex bully, and the message of “That was a long time ago, it's time to get over it, let's have a beer” was one I loved. The score was a bit shaky in places, but also funny, cheesy and carried the story well. The idea that a bully is confronted and blames a bigger bully for his actions was also original, though I was surprised more films didn't address it. It's never easy getting musical, and this team came away with a film they can be proud of. Some great moments and original themes, despite the cheesy music.

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