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Keeping Station

by Toowit Toowoo 700 views


Wow! Challenging stuff. I can't even comprehend how to make a movie with cut-out paper puppets. What i'm looking for is a story and with your puppetixation? I wasn't sure I got that. The effects were brilliant especially when there seemed a loss of gravity. Particularly the shot of the cup. I lost my notes when I left the theatre. I thought the talking paper puppets were brilliant. I can't be specific but think the story is an area that could be improved. However, very creative and talented stuff.

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This Puppixelmation (have you guys copyrighted that yet? I think it'll catch on) mystery is set in a spacecraft and they are having some troubles keeping station. Now this film was brief and I spent so much time marveling at the paper puppets and the effects that I didn't really catch enough of the story to provide a decent synopsis. I thought the look and the effects in this were great and I hope you have some behind the scenes video (I know you have photos) because I am very interested in how it was done - or is it all locked away so no one else can copy it? Props to you guys for doing something really different with your animation this year. Also big props to these guys as two of them went to every heat in Auckland this year and have been reviewing a huge number of films.

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