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I was left confused by the storyline in this movie. I just couldn't follow the character and events. They had no major technical problems with sound and video being okay. I wonder if more time can be taken to give the audience a chance to connect and follow.

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From what I could work out, a twin sister is murdered by Bobby Young. Was an average film based on my notes. Sorry I can't recall anything more specific about the movie.

This film was a little bit confusing. We follow the interrogation and conversations of Bobby Young, who is being accused of killing his girlfriend or wife, who has a twin sister. Through the film we follow various friends and relations of his expressing their absolute doubt of his guilt while the detective thinks he did it, which we discover at the end, he did. That's kind of all there was to this film. I can see what they were trying to do, paint the character as innocent while he was guilty all along, but in the end we were given no motive for the crime, even a psychopath has a reason for killing someone, it just wasn't explained very clearly what happened and why. I think were the ending a little more clear, this would have been a solid film, there was definitely not much else wrong with it other than the confusion in the plot. Some good camera shots and a reasonably finished looking performance, a pity about the ending.

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