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Somebody Someone Gilbert Patten-Elliott

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Elf Thy Neighbour

The Hindenburgers


Mouse Trap

This was easily in my top three for this heat. Great acting from all three characters and a simple yet clever storyline which was engaging, funny and easy to follow. Especially loved the scene where the dude and his cat are watching the mousetrap tv ad. Good ending also.

The Last Job

Really enjoyed this team's film last year and thought that this one was a great effort. Sure some of the effects were dodgy but overall great acting, great story and awesome costumes and locations. Especially enjoyed the poker scene. Nice work.

Just a Lie

This film had a great original idea for a musical having Morgan sing whenever he tells a lie. The music was very professional and the acting was great. Solid effort!

Who Am I?

Didn't really understand what was going one for much of this film as a lot of the dialouge was quite quiet, something I found was a problem with many of the films in this heat. Wasn't sure what was going on with Harper in this film either as she kept appearing and then disappearing. However I thought the acting from the lead was quite good and the music, although a bit too loud at times, worked well for the mood of the film.

Mr Baker

There was some great cinematography in this film, however the storyline wasn't very cohesive or easy to follow. Some great locations though (such as a lighthouse!) and the little kid laughing his head off in the audience made it even more enjoyable. There was no audio for a large chunk of the film however which I'm pretty sure was a technical issue and was a shame as it may have helped my understanding of the story a bit better if it had been there. Overall good effort.

An Uncommon Misconception

Awesome film with great acting. Production was pretty decent in my opinion with good editing and camerawork especially the chase scene at the end. Hilarious dialogue and a great story.

Audience For A Killer

Very creepy until the end, could have been a bit more to the story but thought that they did quite a good job with a difficult genre.

Deep In You

Thought the starting music video was hilarious and the main actor was great but needed a slightly better ending to wrap it up.

Torn Together

Had a good concept, but couldn't quite pull it off. Probably due to the fact that their editing was poor and the sound was kind of messed up.


Not the greatest story line but liked the time machine car and the ending wasn't bad. Reasonably good film.