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Audience For A Killer

by Paradox Productions


Default Avatar RiverFelix

Although I thought this one started out quite cheesy by the end of the film I was really into it, "Does this really count as a found footage film?" I thought to myself... Oh I guess it does. Personally I think the film could have been better if the video that was sent was played a little more seriously or even cut down a little but maybe it works for the film, who knows. Nice finish as well.

Default Avatar Ann Treadgold

Held my attention for quite a lot of the movie, but was disappointed with the end of the movie. Great screaming!

Default Avatar me myself and i

A fun little film. Perhaps some loose ends should have been tied up. How does the guy find the footage? Perhaps I missed it. However the film-within-a-film genre is always fun to watch. Slapstick made it a fun way to end it

Default Avatar omh

Great film, really enjoyed the intensity throughout it, but still including some comical release. The ending was great, it added to the film by taking off the disturbing edge that was created so it wasn't just a creepy, messed up found footage film, seemed to add originality to what I thought was going to be a cliche genre.

Very creepy until the end, could have been a bit more to the story but thought that they did quite a good job with a difficult genre.

Default Avatar dazza

Very creepy - had me squirming in my seat! Nice grainy, dark cinematography for the found footage with the quick cuts between scenes (and excellent screaming!) adding to the general spookiness and heightening the audience's expectations. The film was great at creeping the audience out in the beginning but I felt the comical ending took the edge off it a bit. Perhaps a shocking twist rather than a comical one would have kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Overall excellent effort.

Default Avatar Imogen Crispe

Wow compelling film! I was freaking out about what was going to happen. Pretty cool ending and nicely shot and edited. :)

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