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Mouse Trap

by Highly Flammable Productions 350 views


This was easily in my top three for this heat. Great acting from all three characters and a simple yet clever storyline which was engaging, funny and easy to follow. Especially loved the scene where the dude and his cat are watching the mousetrap tv ad. Good ending also.

Default Avatar neraknosredna

I did like this movie - it was funny and made me laugh. Probably needs a wee bit of tidying up with regard to filming shots, but a really good effort.

Funny film, loved the geek guys acting and the story was great, the ending felt a little clipped... maybe that's just me. Sad, this film will not make it due to the footage used from the Internet.

Three very different people want to enter a Mousetrap competition, shot in a mocumentary style... this film was great, good acting from the sporty guy. The ending felt a little rushed... but hey, It gave me the most laughs on the night!

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