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The Last Job

by Hungry Lion Productions 410 views


Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

Maybe tried to do a little too much but what a wicked sweet location to have for an action flick haha. There weren't many but the flashy transitions weren't entirely necessary I reckon, good effort trying to up that intensity with those muzzle flashes/blood spurts and sound effects though.

Really enjoyed this team's film last year and thought that this one was a great effort. Sure some of the effects were dodgy but overall great acting, great story and awesome costumes and locations. Especially enjoyed the poker scene. Nice work.

I thought the film was really good. some good cinematography and editing. I think most of the transitions were unnecessary and distracted a bit. The acting was pretty good, costumes were good. Location was great!!!!! just one little thing I picked up on was that I could hear every time you refocused during the shot. The story was great! And I thought the special effects and music were awesome too. I just think that there was a twist at the end that I didn't quite get when there is the last shot of the drink. Maybe it was just that Vic was crazy?

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