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Mr Baker

by Pikelet


There was some great cinematography in this film, however the storyline wasn't very cohesive or easy to follow. Some great locations though (such as a lighthouse!) and the little kid laughing his head off in the audience made it even more enjoyable. There was no audio for a large chunk of the film however which I'm pretty sure was a technical issue and was a shame as it may have helped my understanding of the story a bit better if it had been there. Overall good effort.

This film started with a bang... I thought I was in for a ride... but sadly audio issues and a not so good script let it down... I thought It was one of the best shot films of the afternoon and loved the 2 adult actors fighting with bread. I will be following this team next year because with a tighter script and no audio issues this would have been a very enjoyable film. better luck next time.

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