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Somebody Someone HavokTheorem

10 Reviews


Tongue Tied

I voted this second. Really fantastic use of humour, very good actors who could pull of the dry, snarky lines without seeming like children - that's a big plus. Loved the daft warrior friends, I think they needed to show up more. Very good effort with the set and costume to make it feel medieval fantasy without a big budget (probably). Pacing was a bit bated and slow at times though. Otherwise, bloody brilliant, and I genuinely enjoyed it and laughed heaps.

The Gutter Song

Not badly made, however: The guitar 'playing' needed to be processed so it didnt sound like it was in a studio. Coerce an experienced sound guy into working with you!! Sound was the most neglected element in my heat, and while you guys used it well, it wasn't blended well enough. The acting was a bit static. I couldn't believe that the chick was pissed off enough to go smashing her friend's things. I wanted to see some close up anger, some suspense. Nice use of destruction, it didn't give off the vibe of 'prop limitation' too badly.