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The Gutter Song

by Loopy Lemon 227 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young woman creates a song, which her friend/sister (Morgan) claims is crap and will never get her anywhere. Morgan steals the song, sends it to a producer and suddenly it's on the radio! Young woman is not happy and seeks revenge! This has a nice beginning and is a simple idea. The story does become a bit disjointed in places and the same song being used over and over becomes somewhat tedious. The revenge sequence is fun to watch and must have been fun to make!

Default Avatar videoamp1969

This visually had a really strong start with some nice camera shots. The story was reasonably well thought out and executed. It did tend to drag a little in places. I liked the song and the acting was competent. Great that you used age appropriate actors and a story that made sense.

Not badly made, however: The guitar 'playing' needed to be processed so it didnt sound like it was in a studio. Coerce an experienced sound guy into working with you!! Sound was the most neglected element in my heat, and while you guys used it well, it wasn't blended well enough. The acting was a bit static. I couldn't believe that the chick was pissed off enough to go smashing her friend's things. I wanted to see some close up anger, some suspense. Nice use of destruction, it didn't give off the vibe of 'prop limitation' too badly.

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Default Avatar squirrelsatnight

This film had an amazing opening, the shots were great to watch, however the storyline was rather simple and probably could have been expanded more. There were a few moments where eye contact to the camera was made, but definitely had the potential to be an amazing film. Great effort for 48 hours.

Some of what I enjoyed: I liked the visuals in your intro a lot. Fantastic singing. Loved the interpretation of how becoming a pop star works. So cheeky of Morgan to rub the song in the face of the other girl. Very nice titles. Great effort with a tough genre.

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