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A Strange Pair

The relationship between the kidnapper and the young girl was sweet and well drawn. I also liked that the plot was driven by the compulsory character element. Unfortunately the mistaken identity reveal was a bit obvious and the ending felt a bit meh from the Mum's point of view. I think she said something like 'we've got some stuff to sort out'. Dude, your husband is a lazy liar who was more interested in seeing your dog than your child! I know it wasn't all that serious but I felt disappointed for her. But, all really entertaining and your child actor there is one to watch. Good work!


This was an awesome-looking short and genuinely quite scary (if a bit close to home). The close quarters and repeated framing emphasised the claustrophobia of the situation. This was a little undercut by the comedic moments. Not that I didn't enjoy the comedic moments, mind you. The performances were nice and I enjoyed the office relationships being played out under pressure. But, it didn't feel like horror/splatter to me. Now, if one of the co-workers turned out to be a psychopath who was going to take the opportunity for some clandestine murder...

The Awakening

Beautiful production values - especially makeup. Well played. Tonally I was a little confused. The Groundhog Day scenario was played for laughs but it felt like the stakes were pretty intense at the same time. Might be just me. Like some of the others here I'm not sure about adherence to genre - the revenge film would've been what came next. There also would've been more meat to the story if we'd seen a bit more of what came before (or after, for that matter). Still - super entertaining and the girl with the drinks may haunt my dreams!

Loop Aahhh

Incredible editing here which had me pretty freaked out. Solid performances and a nice relationship between the leads. Unfortunately I didn't get the "time travel" element and the story was a bit confused. All in all though, more gripping and entertaining than Blair Witch :)

Morgan's Match

This was a sweet story and really nicely shot. Solid performances from a young cast. I think maybe the girl could've had more of a moment of shock before deciding to try to turn the situation to her advantage - would've made me believe it a little more and added some more complexity/ambiguity to the story. But as it was, it played out more as her fantasy which is quite nice too. Quite a simple story but really well executed. Good use of the compulsory line too. Nice one.


This was really good fun, and nicely shot. It felt more like a music video than a musical though, and there wasn't much sync-singing. There also wasn't a huge amount of plot, and the wee side-note about free range parenting had me scratching my head a bit. Also I couldn't read the text message at the end so I missed the punchline! But perhaps I just need my eyes checked :P Good laughs - cheers!