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The Awakening

by Mr. Moose Films 322 views


Very slick and tidy and had me engaged the whole time. I didn’t see the ending coming, but when it came, it made good sense, although the very last bit didn’t fit so perfectly. Sadly, I don’t think that mentioning the fact that you need revenge is enough to make it a revenge film.

This film really drew you in. Definitely one of the better films from a really good heat. I really wanted to know what was going to happen in the end. I was really expecting some big surprising finish, which didn't really come, but I enjoyed the ride anyway. If only the ending lived up to the rest of the film! Amazing make-up. There were some serious facial prosthetic jobs and more. Well done.

Great little film with high production values! Sort of a devils version of Groundhog Day - loved the game like strategies he had to come up with to keep moving. Thought the heavily designed makeup was great but also a little too perfect - on reflection I would have loved the creatures to be hidden , more in the light/darkness etc. Also, was a little disappointed with the ending as it was such a change around in styles, which I really enjoyed and wanted to follow this... But alas time constraints - though I was missing the whole 'who' they were going after ? Needed that motivation etc... Overall pretty damn slick all round!

Another film that kind of felt like it skirted around the genre it was about. There was a great potential for this to be a revenge movie with a difference, but the film became too bogged down in its groundhog day concept to explore the idea that the main character could have been the one having revenge visited upon him rather than seeking vengeance. Such a beautifully simple core story which efficiently used a minimum number of sets, along with some great make-up and practical effects. The acting was solid, and the lead really managed to carry both the humour and tension. Sadly the ending just was ill advised and kind of undermined the entire film. What could have been a twist that revealed that the main character was being tormented as revenge for something he had done, he became the character seeking vengeance at the end of the film. By doing this the film ironically ceased being a revenge film and instead an oddity with a revenge plot slapped on the end to be able to say "it's a film about revenge." But we then never find out why Morgan wanted revenge, who it was against or anything that is part of the genre. And that's the thing. One scene change at the end of the film would have made all the difference. Instead it just went with a punchline that sat awkwardly with the rest of the film.

Beautiful production values - especially makeup. Well played. Tonally I was a little confused. The Groundhog Day scenario was played for laughs but it felt like the stakes were pretty intense at the same time. Might be just me. Like some of the others here I'm not sure about adherence to genre - the revenge film would've been what came next. There also would've been more meat to the story if we'd seen a bit more of what came before (or after, for that matter). Still - super entertaining and the girl with the drinks may haunt my dreams!

Oh man, this was SUCH A GOOD HEAT. Actor did a great job at being an actor, kept us interested despite the first minute or so of the film being predominately shots of his face to-from bed. Great style of film and was shot well enough. Ending was *whatever* and loses point because I just didn't care about it. P/ cool set though. I'm always amazed by hospital scenes that are actually set in hospitals: you guys got mean hookupz.

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