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Friends Who Pretend

by New Tiger Media


Really appreciated the concept, the funny/creepy tone and just the glorious weirdness in general for this one.

Only tiny quibble was the recording of the bear's voice being a little too different to all the other characters, but other than that I loved it :-)

After school special in tone as characters talked to the screen like Play School presenters, only with deadpan creepy vibes leading to a big twist.

Personally I felt the repetition was not very engaging, because combined with the stand and deliver line delivery it felt I was being talked at, not engaged with. That huge negative space of essentially a green park behind the characters also did nothing to drive home the surreal Lynchian tone that I could feel you wanted to achieve.

People holding up teddy bears and talking with them also not my personal cup of tea but each to their own.

Props for being consistent but I think for this film to truly succeed you could have gone with a more visually striking location or moved away from the long shots of repeated dialogue.

welcoming all friends and family.

I wasnt sure where the characters were heading, it felt like the film needed a place to go to where it relates to the bear or other characters.

i think it wouldve been hilarious with the camera came out and it showed someone holding up the bear.

however, the acting from the entire cast felt genuine and it was educational as well heart warming at the same time. Good stuff New Tiger Media!

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