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Safe Streets, No Crime

by Sealami

Who Watches The Watchmen???


It can be tricky reviewing animation for the 48-Hour because just the act of doing animation for the 48-Hour film competition is impressive as is. I liked the visual style of this one. I couldn't tell if you actually filmed cut-outs but it had that look to it and it worked. I think the concept was simple enough to have a deeper meaning to it and not overwhelm the animation. It's a shame the Heat audience didn't appreciate the film enough to get it into the top 3.

Crazy, fantastic, awesome, mad and hilarious. Loved how this film pushes reality and leaves you wanting to see it again and agin,

Absolutely wild. I initially thought this was going to be insane for insane's sake, but it really found a way to lasso its ludicrous story and pull it towards a very satisfying conclusion. I'd love to know how much paper this team burned through to make this because there is a LOT going on. Loved it completely.

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