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by Awkward Animations

Whilst babysitting the kids Frank and Larry have to carryout an unspeakable deed to cover up a situation. Everything does not go as expected!!!!


Starting as a charming buddy film where two old mates catch up we got some more extraordinary animation by Awkward Animations that included bombs and body parts with a script that got darker as the film developed.

First up, visually this was exceptional, realistically as good as it will get with stop motion on a 48 Hours weekend with perfect lighting and use of attention to detail such as shades and holding items allowing the very white mice to absolutely pop on the screen.

What I particularly liked about this effort was the matter of fact way that proceedings progressed. Protestations from the "not really dead" participant aside (great use of sign, by the way), I was chortling at the discussions about feeding a dead body to pigs...and then that payoff that made everything come together, just sensationally explosive.

I think that you did brilliantly to convey a sense of character in your mice in such a short space of time, and making this a slice of life (or death) with a conclusion that left me wondering about the repercussions was a perfect example of how to pace a short film.

Tight, to the point and hilarious. Hard to fault.

Story: 4.5/5
Technical: 5/5
Elements: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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