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The Lamphouse

by Swan Ronson

Please enjoy this full-screen version of our 48 hours film. If you can figure out a plot do let us know.


Figure out our own plot you say? A moth is drawn to a lamphouse. A murderous crime is committed and moths are set aflutter. Whilst not butterflies, call it a butterfly effect if you will as the imbalance of nature makes the flying creatures realise their lighthouse keeper has passed. Extremely abstract, extremely beautiful, if I was to hazard a guess I would also say this was commentary on how we as humans are drawn to death and destruction due to its beauty (for some) much likes moths are victims of their own destruction when flying into a burning glowing light. The moon of course representing the lunacy of the circle of life.

But that might be a reach! Like you said team, make of it what you will.

To me this gets a very low personal grade on the elements due to feeling they were not really used story wise at all other than the reaction shot.

Story: 2.5(?)/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 1/5
Overall: 2.5/5

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