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Seven 10 Cops

by Same team, same pants

Theft is serious, sometimes the police have to send in a special officer to get the job done.


Starting as a high energy reality tv Corn Scene Investigation, Daniel Cook and co quickly got weird; a quick trip down the drain (incredible camera shot) and we're into WONDER SHOWZEN poo-puppets and children of the corn.

I absolutely love this team showing up practically every year in 48 Hours without fail. You absolutely epitomise the incredibly strange film festival origins of this whole competition and it is much better for having you in it.

A police investigation into stolen corn with the officer taking a shit to prove the thief had eaten the yellow vegatables was a bananas storyline, but the ghost poo? The worshipping children? That out of nowhere freeze frame ending?! So batty but wild and energetic.

Most of the comedy absolutely hit for me. Editing as confident as always with no fucking around on exposition, and of course framing and audio tight and clearcut respectively. Not the flashest camera for depth of focus, cinematography etc but definitely got the job done.

You are legit one of the only teams where I don't need or want to give advice to. You're wild and 48 is a weekend to let your originality run wild with not many teams able to hold a candle to you on that front. I know you started in the comp even before me so just hope you appreciate that I love seeing you enter every year. Sorry to see this was a DQ :(

Story: 4/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

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