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A Change In The Weather

by Bread and Butter Productions


An unlikely pair exist in the same space, seeing it differently and never quite in sync with each other. Bread and Butter Productions are pretty much the bread and butter of 48s in Taranaki, having been competing pretty much the whole time it's been a region I think? So it's great that they have signed up for the ultra challenge all 3 years that it has been offered, and good on them for twisting a couple of other arms to give it a go this year :) This film was another testament to their experience with great looking cinematography, and effective use of the split screen and 4th wall ultra elements as well. Some of the split screen transitions were a little quick in places, and it might have been nice to have spent a bit more time with some of the really beatiful shots, but I know how hard it is to get things like that exactly right even when it's not 48 hours and you're not doing ultra! It was nice to see the shots converge at the end, and the choice of music really carried the story. Great performances by the actors and just overall another really nice B&BP film to watch. Nice work Louise and team!

Default Avatar blybbs

I really loved the narration and the cinematography. Its not a Taranaki 48 Hours without Bread & Butter Productions. I would have liked to see the shots hang around a bit longer. There was a bit too much movement that turned more into a distraction and disrupted the story. Other than that, really well done! Always love what this team produce.

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