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The Passenger

by Grand Cheval


Default Avatar CatFan

Three robbers end up with an unexpected passenger. High production value, neat little story, solid performances. So glad that this film has now appeared on the review site. It was my fav of the heat for sure and I was gutted I couldn’t vote for it for audience favourite - I think it would have for sure been in the top three and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the finals.

Default Avatar koroh the geek

Well done Grand Cheval. Have you guys been missing the last year or so? You guys have knocked another one out of the park. Very simple plot, though with the great dialogue and delivery it was not predictable. At one point I thought one of the characters was just going to carry out the "Job" there and then. The fact you guys also delivered the dialogue in masks was great. You couldn't give the audience any facial ques to react from and it relied on the dialogue and movement. The location and lighting was well done, I felt it all flowed very well.

Default Avatar Bunnrey

I feel like I owe you a high rating just because your unfair disqualification from audience favorite let us sneak in for the win hahaha. But your movie is also great! The old lady was delightful, it's a shame she had so little screentime cause the comedy was potent every frame she shared with the gruff bank robbers. I didn't expect you to go through with the darkest option but at least they had some retribution for their cruelty. You could've made them more incompetent to sqeueze out some more Coen-esqe "heist gone wrong" comedy. Also hard to get a sense of characters with their masks on most of the film. Overall a great film, and awesome to see you guys are still hanging around - you won the first year we entered as a team (under a different name) way back in 2011! Some full circle shit for sure hahaha

Default Avatar Rolling Door Repairman

Some great laughs all throughout with good pacing. The middle lacked in some funny moments but didn’t distract from the rest of the film. Loved the fact you included a gay robber. Well don’t guys! Good to see you back in the comp!

Out of what I've seen so far of the 2019 efforts this would be the first thing I'd recommend to black comedy lovers. I thought the whole thing was quite brilliant, even before it got to the twist ending which added yet another dimension. Brilliant all-round job, guys.

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