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Heist School Musical

by Pastafarian Productions 69 views


Default Avatar 4Mary

One of the stand out favourites for me. Absolutely the best door slam. Fancy putting a musical onto yourself! You made a great job of it too. The use of the black costuming helped pull it all together nicely and suited the musical genre. Well done!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A class of students at Heist School need to pass their final assessment to earn a "License to Heist". Ambitious effort this one by electing to do Musical! I liked the concept, it was filmed well and the song recording was also solid. The stage set was a nice touch and worked well for that scene. The songs themselves demonstrated plenty of effort and to your credit the music was sustained throughout. However, the songs did lack a bit of punch that is needed to really pull the audience along with you in the experience. Overall, a solid, ambitious effort that I'm sure played well with a live audience.

I love voluntary musicals, and this team chose to combine not one but two extra genres into their heist school musical. A clever though obvious in retrospect wee heist is played out through songs and set pieces that had me wondering whether I was watching a musical about a heist or a high school movie about a musical about a heist. A very meta and enjoyable tale from the noodly appendages of a team who clearly like a challenge.

This film had a great premise and the team made a bold choice to encorporate not only extra genres but a voluntary musical. While the ending was a bit obvious from the get go and the team could have really pushed it further and whackier, it was a clever idea and an entertaining watch.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

I really like the concept and the titles and the location worked really well for the film. The downside is that unfortunately the film doesn't carry the energy needed to really sell this idea, The song writing could've been better but I think more energy would have sustained them well enough had it been there. Lighting wasn't always that great and some of the hand held stuff should really have just been on tripod.

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