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Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young man wishes his virtual reality tutor/woman/entity was real. This was played serious throughout so I liked it. Nicely shot with good coverage to add variety even if some of the overhead shots were a tad misplaced. Great switching between the real world and the V/R world. A bit Blade Runner 2049 mixed with Lars and the Real Girl. Dark ending too...which I liked. Nice job!

Default Avatar Eva

I knew straight away that the lady was a robot and the use of VR worked so well, the story was very clear and had an awesome ending. It almost showed what could happen in the future with artificial intelligence and kept me engaged the whole time.

One of the best Tech Thrillers I’ve seen in the competition this year. Even if it was a little derevitive of Black Mirror, it was still incredibly well executed, with some good camera work and editing. I really felt the tension building towards the end. The only thing I missed was that there was quite a sudden jump from her being in the computer to being in the kitchen speaker. I think it would’ve been nicer to forget the speaker and just have that dialogue with her in the computer screen, where it’s easier to build on that relationship.

Some really good stuff here- excellently shot and a clear handle on the basics of the genre. However, the story left something to be desired, I think we saw a lot of Tech Thrillers this year which dealt with very similar ideas, and I don't feel that this one popped. You kind of know exactly where it's going after that first scene, and while Tech Thrillers do lend themselves to this kind of thing, I would encourage you guys to try figure out something more original next year. I also wasn't exactly clear on the science of the ending- how did the VR girl become a physical entity in the real world? The transitions from VR to RL was really well done, but I do wish we had some more exciting imagery than just this house to accommodate such effective cinematography. As for your title, I'm not really sure how "Hysteria" plays into the plot in any specific way.

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