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Macy's Mind Writes A Song

by Oh Boy!


I think this was the cleanest film in the heat. Professional acting, cinematography, grade, graphics and (of course) acting - paired with a stellar concept that was a clever spin on the genre (and a heartfelt theme). Nice work!

My favourite film of the heat. A mature, understated, bold interpretation of both 'Musical' and 'Monster' that successfully gets inside the character's head. By having this examine the everyday life of its lead, the film justifies a common 48hours location (i.e. someone's house) and pulls of a thought-provoking ending that doesn't explode with drama, but simmers on a sombre note that stuck with me. If there's perhaps one thing that could have amplified this short, it's the design of the monster itself. There's nothing wrong with what's here and the performer does a lot of the heavy lifting, but the simplicity of the design did leave me wondering what could have been. It's a minor quibble for an otherwise great short that I expect to see in the Auckland finals, along with a nomination for its superb lead.

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